WorldScreener Launches Innovative Tokenomics to Power Ecosystem Growth

WorldScreener Launches Innovative Tokenomics to Power Ecosystem Growth


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the WorldScreener token (WST) and a meticulously designed token economy to accelerate the expansion of our product ecosystem.

The total supply of WST will be 1 billion. The emission is capped at this amount; no additional token issuance is possible. The pool allocations are determined based on projected budgets over the next 4 years, accounting for the planned costs of developing additional WS products, marketing, community incentives, and ecosystem growth.

The WST token will be fully integrated into our ecosystem and serve as a core driver of utility and value across all WS offerings. We will implement mechanisms to stimulate WST demand from users and investors alike.

The WS ecosystem will be governed by a DAO with transparent community voting. This will make our ecosystem truly decentralized and user-driven.

We believe a thoughtful tokenomics model is critical for the long-term success of any blockchain project. Please join our innovative community!

Together, let’s build the next generation of fintech powered by crypto economics. WorldScreener’s tokenomics launch marks a major milestone on this journey.