From Idea to Fintech Innovation: The WorldScreener Story

From Idea to Fintech Innovation: The WorldScreener Story

WorldScreener founder Haik Galustyan has been active in trading and investing for over a decade. He started out trading stocks, currencies, futures and options – gaining immense experience analyzing markets, developing strategies, and managing capital.

However, Haik was dissatisfied with the limited analytical tools available to most traders and investors. Platforms like Bloomberg Terminal and Morningstar catered primarily to institutional investors, leaving retail participants without robust support.

This led to the idea of creating a fintech solution that could deliver institutional-grade analytics to everyone. In 2020, Haik assembled a team of top professionals and began building WorldScreener – an AI and big data powered platform aimed at democratizing financial analysis.

The project quickly gained investor backing, raising $480k in its early stages. WorldScreener is now conducting a private token sale to further accelerate development and take the platform global.

Behind every successful startup is a talented team. CryptoDo supports WorldScreener across critical domains like engineering, marketing, blockchain and more. Together they aim to shape a fairer and more open financial future – where knowledge and tools are accessible to all.

The WorldScreener journey has just begun. With a wealth of opportunities ahead, the company invites you to join the movement and participate in building the WorldScreener ecosystem.

By leveraging leading-edge technologies like AI, blockchain and big data analytics, WorldScreener has the potential to truly transform finance. This is a story of ambitious ideas becoming fintech innovation. And you can be part of shaping the next chapter! ///Buy WSToken Now///