WorldScreener is an innovative company in the field of financial technology, creating a ecosystem of products and services in the realm of investment analysis and capital management. Our flagship product, also named WorldScreener, is a powerful analytical platform that aggregates financial data from around the world and applies unique artificial intelligence algorithms for in-depth analysis of markets, industries, and companies. This enables investors and financial institutions to make optimal investment decisions and generate high-quality analytics.

We are an official licensee of S&P Global. WorldScreener aggregates financial data from top global data providers, including S&P Global, the U.S. Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the UN, CME, and National Statistics of countries.

Based on WorldScreener, we are developing a whole ecosystem of additional products:

WS Portfolios — a marketplace for automated investment portfolios
•• WS Analytics GPT — a system to generate analytical reviews on hot economic and market news
••• WS Widgets — analytical widgets for financial portals
•••• WS Smart Capital — a decentralized investment fund.

The WorldScreener ecosystem creates a comprehensive environment for investors, uniting cutting-edge technologies and value investing strategies. We employ a decentralized financial model based on blockchain to make the ecosystem as transparent and efficient as possible. This allows us to align the interests of investors, developers, and partners.

Our goal is to create a new generation of analytical tools and build a thriving community based on advanced technologies.