Real-World Results from WorldScreener after 6 Months

Real-World Results from WorldScreener after 6 Months

Find undervalued growth stocks poised to outperform. View the results of work already done live and access a webinar link showcasing the step-by-step process of identifying top companies to invest in. Head over to the new section.

Using WorldScreener, we screened over 4,000 stocks to shortlist 50 high-potential ones factoring in fundamentals like P/E, revenue growth, margins, debt profile and management efficiency.

The screened basket was invested in equally to derive a well-diversified portfolio. After a 6 month holding period, the portfolio achieved:

25% average return compared to 11% for S&P 500
Consistent monthly gains with low volatility
Outperformance relative to benchmarks by 130%
The webinar recording walks through WorldScreener’s intuitive stock filtering and backtesting capabilities applied in real market conditions.

Whether you are an individual investor or wealth manager, this framework helps create optimized portfolios tailored to your goals and risk appetite.

Experience the power of leveraging institutional-grade analytics accessible via WorldScreener to maximize returns. The proven results speak for themselves – overperformance almost doubled compared to average stocks.

Visit the track record section to deepen your understanding of constructing high-alpha portfolios powered by data and AI.